Stoned & Hammered

Acorn bracelet


Weighty, substantial silver bracelet with a clasp featuring one of our gorgeous silver acorns and a hand wrought hook.

Did you ever collect acorns and keep them in your pockets? ... Imagine they were fairy cups? (Perhaps I read far too many Irish folklore tales as a child)

Our wonderful acorn bracelets are the perfect jewellery to wear if you like to fiddle.. although violinists tell me they sometimes get in the way of bowing!

These acorns were collected from Ketts Oak so have a local history connection too. Robert Kett (1492 - 1549) was a local hero who led a rebellion of ordinary Norfolk folk against social and economic injustices meted by the ruling wealthy landowners upon the ordinary folk, workers and serfs (slaves).. it is an interesting part of our history in Norfolk, from the days when Norwich was the second largest city in England.

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Stoned & Hammered
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We also make a single chain version however this chunkier bracelet seems to look wonderful on people of all sizes and makes a real statement.

If you would like a man-sized bracelet or you feel you are a lady with a substantially larger or smaller wrist then please do get in touch and we can ensure you have a piece of jewellery that is a perfect fit.

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